Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Are you looking for some FUN ideas for organizing your classroom? I'm happy to share some ideas that you might like!

1.    I bought these containers from Costco. They are called, "Creative Options Project Boxes". They sell in a pack of 5 for $19.99. I like to store extra supplies or task cards in them.

2. I bought this box that holds 16 small boxes. Each box holds 4x6 size photos or task cards. I bought this set at Hobby Lobby. It was $34.99, but on sale and with coupon it was cheaper. I've included a couple of pictures of how I use them to organize my task cards.

 Boxes at Hobby Lobby

3.     I like to use these file folders that are closed on three sides and open at the top. This type of folder is another easy way to organize task cards with the answer sheets and recording sheets.

4.  I have seen this set of boxes (16 colored 4x6 boxes) on Instagram from Michaels. I am still looking for them in my area. 

Hope you like these ideas! If you have ideas that you use to organize your classroom, I'd love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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