Friday, 16 June 2017

Seven Fun and Easy Ways to Motivate Students to Practice the Multiplication Facts! 

Are you struggling with ways to motivate  your students or your own children to  practice those math facts? Well, I have seven fun and easy ways to motivate students you can implement right now!

1. Call the math practice a GAME! Kids love games, so tell them they are going to play a game!

2. Use dice! There are such a variety of dice out there to choose! I like these foam dice!

3. Give each child a blank piece of paper and call it "Sticker Sheet". Then let them choose a sticker as they complete a problem or play the game! I like to buy stickers from the Dollar Spot at Target!

4. Let kids use a calculator to check their work! I like this one that I got at  Mardel Christian and Educational Supply Store. Kids love it because it "talks"!

5.  Let kids use markers to complete some of their work! There is something motivating to kids to let them use different sizes and colors of markers to do their work!

6. Use a fun set of multiplication flashcards and play games like Multiplication War! Here's a set 
I like from Teacher's Tools Store.

7.  Let each child choose a prize after the practice or game! I like to find prizes in the Dollar Spot at Target! Here's a picture of my prize basket.

I hope you like these suggestions!

I'd love hear if you like these ideas and what other ideas you have for motivating students to learn those facts! 

Just post your comments in the comments section below! I'd love to read them!


    1. Anne, I love all of these ideas. Yes, kids are much more receptive to review if they think it's a game. Some of these ideas can also be used for addition. Thank you for the great info!

    2. Thank you, Beth! I agree that these ideas would work for addition, subtraction or division! Thanks for taking time to comment!

    3. Great ideas! I LOVE the big dice! For the older kids, I like the idea of "bank" points to use towards future homework assignments or tests...

      1. Great idea, Mrs. B! Thank you for sharing!

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