Tuesday, 21 March 2017

3 Quick and Easy Steps to Keep Student Work Organized and Save Your Sanity!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share 3 tips that I've used to organize student work and save my sanity! I hope they are helpful to you, too!

Here they are:

1. Look at your class list (hopefully it is already in alphabetical order). Anyway, let's say Amy Bell is number one. Tell Amy Bell that her class number all year is #1 and you want her to write that number on the top right corner of all work that she turns in. (I would still have her write her name on the paper.) Repeat for each student.

2. Collect student work in number order. Or you can put any stack of papers in order super quickly by numbers. This way you can see who is missing work at a glance. This  will make it so much easier to enter grades in your grade book,too! *** One problem I've run into with this system...what to do when you get a new student. If it's early in the year then I put the student in alphabetically which may mean re-numbering some students. But, if it is later in the year, I just add the new student to the end of the list.

3. Put absent student's work in Absent Folder. I have made some cute covers for Absent Folders in link here:

 Hope you enjoy these tips! Believe me, I wish I had started this system the very FIRST year I taught!


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