Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Great Way to Spiral Math EACH Day!

Are you looking for high quality math questions to use each day with your third graders?

I have the solution for you! This resource has 9 high quality math problems each day for students to complete! The skills spiral through the year to give students success in math!

★★★<strong>What teachers are saying about this resource:</strong>

✎"Awesome resource. My Grade 3 kiddos LOVE this "Morning Work" and they are now so self-disciplined that even before I have told them, they already have their booklets out and are working diligently. WOW..."

✎"I'm so excited to integrate this into my math program.  I love the layout and the variety of questions.  I know this will help my students improve in their skills too!"

 ✎"This will get their brains turning in the morning. Thanks!!" Amber M.

✎"Spiraled math is fantastic! Thank you for your time and creativity. This will help my children master 3rd grade math!" Susan W.

3rd Grade Morning Work/ Homework Bundle of Math (Year-long)

 <strong>Skills spiral through the third grade curriculum. Here are some of the topics:</strong>

✔Place Value
✔Addition and Subtraction with and without regrouping
✔Personal Financial Literacy
✔Word Problems (Basic and multi-step)
✔Telling Time
 These activities would work for <strong>third graders</strong> , <strong>high achieving second graders or fourth graders who could use some review! </strong>
<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Here are some possible uses for these in your classroom:</span></strong>

✿ daily as morning work
✿ daily or weekly as home work
✿ end of unit quick assessments
✿ early finishers
✿ tutoring
✿ sub tubs
✿ math stations/centers
✿ small group
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QUICK and EASY Teacher Costume!

Hi friends,

Here is a quick and easy costume you might like for Halloween or a Book Parade! I dressed up as Miss Frizzle character from the books with the same name! It turned out so cute and my students loved it! Also, the librarian dressed up as Miss Frizzle, too!

Here's are some pictures:

For the dress, I just bought a dress from Ross Department Store. Then I bought space shapes that were iron-on from Michaels Craft Store. I purchased the wig (an I Love Lucy Wig from Party City) and a lizard from the toy store.

I'd love to hear ideas that you have for fun costumes (especially ones that go along with books!)

Thursday, 5 October 2017



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Monday, 25 September 2017

Simple Lesson to Help Students Rethink a Bad Day

We've all had those days... You know the ones! The ones where one thing goes wrong first thing in the morning and we feel that our whole day is ruined. This is a simple lesson I've used to help students see past one bad thing and help them to refocus and  see it doesn't have to ruin their whole day.

First I gather the students to our meeting area. Then I show them a white poster and ask them what they see. They say a blank poster. I tell them that the blank poster  represents a new day full of possibilities.

Then I take a marker and make a dot in the middle of the poster. They usually moan and tell me that the poster is ruined. I tell them that dot represents when something goes wrong in our day. They share things that go wrong...forgetting lunch, someone hurts their feelings, forgetting homework, etc. I write their ideas on another poster and we brainstorm ways to handle those situations.

Then I tell them we all have things that go wrong in our day sometimes but instead of focusing on the "dot" we should focus on the whole rest of the poster that is still full of possibilities (just like our day)!

I hope this idea is helpful to you! I'd love to hear your ideas on how to help students redirect a bad moment in a day!

Friday, 15 September 2017

3 Easy and Fun Ideas to Get Kids Excited about Multiplication Facts!

Here are three of my favorite ideas to use to get kids excited to learn the multiplication facts!

1. Make a multiplication craft! Kids love to have a little art project in math! Use Hawaiian Leis (found at party or craft stores), pipe cleaners and the number strip cards (from my resource) to create this fun visual for kids! Directions and details in resource. Students love wearing these home and  using it to practice their facts! Click on picture for link to resource!

2. Use jokes to get kids excited about math! My students LOVE to practice facts if they end result is solving a joke! Here is the link to the Multiplication Mega Bundle (jokes for the year...keep them smiling and multiplying all year long!) Click on picture for link!

3. Use games like Multiplication Bump! Just add dice and game boards and you're ready to go!Click on the picture for link to resource! 

I hope your students enjoy these ideas as much as mine do! Happy Multiplying!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

#1 Best Lesson on Measurement (and lots of fun, too)!

Use literature to relate to math! Here is an example lesson to tie reading to measurement using the book, Measuring Penny by Loreen Leedy.

1. Read the book, Measuring Penny, by Loreen Leedy to the class and discuss.

2.  Explain to the children that you are going to assign the same measurement homework assignment as the teacher in the story.

3. I’ve attached lots of examples of parts of student’s work that my classes did for this homework assignment. You are welcome to display them for your students as examples.

4. If your students have computer access and parents willing to help them, then it is fun to have them create power points for the assignment. Then they could send you the Google link or Dropbox link to the power point so you could  to show it to the class. However, it is ok to have them make a paper poster instead if technology is an issue.

5. Tell them they can measure anything. Some children get upset if they think they have to measure a pet, like in the story, and they don’t have a pet. I’ve had students measure their siblings, a stuffed animal, hockey stick, really no limit!

6. This is such a fun way to introduce or reinforce measurement using a real life experience and getting parents involved!

Here are some examples from my students! Have fun! I'd love to hear how this lesson worked with your class in the comments below!